Gnome Magic Tourist Attraction in Dedham, Colchester.

Gnome Woodland

The woodland is about 2  ½ acres comprising birch, oak, gnomes and friends which are 800+ and growing as we are continuously collecting the exhibition features.

A pond made of sand “the seaside” with a theme of fishing gnome whist the rest sunbathe. There are other ponds too, in the first live 2 American terrapins allowed to go wild, and is the taunt grass snakes (you would be lucky to see one). You can also shot dragon flies, damselflies. Newt’s toads and  frogs with other and creatures. The third has been allowed to the wild. But look for the blue tits, and crows, black birds , sparrows and other birds . We have received visits from heron, magpies, jays, green woodpecker, as well as monk jack, other deer.